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professionally designed landscape can be a low maintenance way to provide value & beauty to your property. When we create a landscape design, we select plant material suited for the location's growing conditions as well as taking into account flow, size, texture & color to ensure your landscape will mature & grow beautifully.


Trees not only provide beauty, but can also be practical choices. Trees such as Maples, Oaks and Ash can provide shade & lower utility expenses during the growing season. When they lose their foliage in late fall, the winter sun will be able to warm your home or business as well. Ornamental trees, for example Crabapples, River Birches, & Redbuds can add aesthetic value with their flowers, color, & unique bark texture. Conifers, like Junipers, Cedars, & Pine trees can provide evergreen screening from undesirable views & protection from cold winter conditions.


With the wide selection of available shrubs, it is important to narrow the selection by considering sun & shade exposure as well as wet and dry areas. Broadleaf or Conifer Evergreen shrubs can be incorporated into designs to anchor foundation plantings, & when flowering seasons are taken into consideration, flowering shrubs can ensure consistent color.


Perennials are a low maintenance way to provide consistent color to your landscape year after year, & with the endless selection of perennials, they can flourish in a wide variety of conditions.

Container Gardening

Pots, planters & window boxes are a great way to add color to areas where space is limited. Container gardening is also relatively low-maintenance, as it allows for better control of soil, water, & nutrients. With the right care, container gardens can flourish & bring beauty & life to any space.


Annuals are plants that complete their life cycle, from germination to seed production, in one growing season. Annuals come in a wide variety of colors & sizes, making them perfect for filling in gaps in gardens or adding pops of color to landscapes.

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