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Spring & Fall Clean Up

Leaf removal, bed clean up, pruning, mulching, overseeding, & aeration are important parts of properly maintaining your landscape to keep your plants healthy, vigorous & provide years of enjoyment.


Keeping your landscape plantings mulched will reduce weed germination, growth, & overall maintenance, as well as add curb appeal to your property. Mulch also retains soil moisture during the hot & dry months, reducing stress on the plants & insulates the root systems in all weather conditions. 



Pruning your landscape as it grows will maintain a natural growth habit & increase plant health & vigor. Pruning can be completed in the spring & fall, depending on the type of trees & shrubs in your landscape. A lack of pruning can create additional work & reduce the value of your landscaping.


Overseeding can greatly improve the health & appearance of your lawn. By adding new grass seed to existing grass, you can fill in bare or thin areas, increase the density of your lawn, & improve its overall resilience to drought, disease, & pests. Additionally, overseeding can help to prevent soil erosion & runoff, which can be especially important for sloped or hilly areas.


Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow for better air, water, & nutrient circulation to the roots of plants. The benefits of aeration include improved soil structure, enhanced root growth, & increased tolerance to heat & drought. We recommend aeration of your lawn at least once a year, preferably during the growing season when the grass is actively growing.

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