Water Features

Whether it is a welcoming addition to an entryway or an enjoyable view from your home, a water feature will add beauty to any landscape setting.

Water features may seem to be a high maintenance addition, but when constructed properly, maintaining a water feature requires little commitment. The development of high efficiency pumps to reduce electricity use, automatic fill valves to keep the water level maintained and skimmers, which work like a swimming pool skimmer, keep debris in an open water pond to a minimum.

Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless water features give you the sight and sound of moving water but do not have any open water. The water from the waterfall is re-circulated, and there is no pond. A timer can be added to turn the pump on and off at specific times to conserve electricity. There is a minimal amount of maintenance associated with a pondless water feature. Basic maintenance requirements include maintaining the appropriate water level and removing the pump during the winter, although in some cases, the water feature can be enjoyed in all seasons.


Adding a pond to a landscape provides not only visual appeal, but opportunities to interact with different types of plants and animals as well. Fish and water plants add interest to a pond. Water plants are beneficial for several reasons. They aid in balancing the water to reduce algae, and also provide a cooling effect in the water during the summer months for fish. It is not uncommon to see frogs, turtles and on occasion, even Mallard ducks, visit ponds. Flowering water plants, like Water Lilies, Water Hyacinth, Pickerel, Water Iris, Lotus and others add color throughout the growing season.