Proper pruning as plants mature increases plant health and vigor. Pruning is more than just shearing to reduce the plant size. Two main considerations when it comes to pruning are blooming season and the removal of the old wood. All flowering trees and shrubs need to be pruned at the proper time so they will flower profusely. The main difference is “old wood vs. new wood”. Is it a flowering tree or shrub, and does it flower on “new” or “old” wood?

“Old” wood means that they flower early in the spring on the part of the plant that grew the previous year. Plants that flower on what is referred to as “new” wood are plants that flower later in the spring or summer. Therefore, timing is important. Other considerations include preference between a formal, sheared look and a natural growth habit, how the pruning has been done in the past, the overall size and health of the plant.

A lack of pruning can create additional work and reduce the value of your landscaping. Some corrective pruning can be done during the growing season when necessary. We have the experience and expertise to properly prune your landscape plantings to nurture them to maturity.