Periods of heavy rainfall or improper irrigation tend to magnify poor drainage issues. A lack of proper drainage may lead to water problems at the foundation of your property or create maintenance problems in your turf or landscape beds. Drainage problems can be a result of many things, such as improper elevations established after construction, growth and maturity of landscape plantings, or obstacles placed in drainage right of ways that trap the water and do not allow for positive drainage.

Solutions can be as varying as the drainage issue itself. To determine the best approach, an on-site analysis of the area is required to determine if there is enough “fall” to drain the water from the area. If the “fall” is sufficient, then re-grading the area to allow gravity to work may be all that is needed. If there is insufficient “fall”, then there may be a need for a more extensive solution, including the re-grading of the area, as well as the installation of a sump pump and basin to pump the water out of the area.

On some properties, the free flow of water must remain across several properties. Often times, these drainage easements stay wet because of rains and improper irrigation on surrounding properties. These areas make it difficult to establish and maintain grass. After establishing the correct grading elevations, these areas can be addressed with the installation of a dry rock creek bed. A dry creek bed is a functional way to allow proper water flow and adds aesthetic interest to your property.