As evening approaches, crickets begin their nightly chorus. Shadows shroud the lawn. The sky fades from deep blue to deeper indigo. Then, magically your yard becomes a mesmerizing fairyland as hidden lights illuminate flowers and trees, casting undulating shadows in the balmy evening breezes. A statue in the middle of the garden becomes the focus of attention, its marble surface softly aglow in the beams of invisible spotlights.

Landscape lighting is a powerful tool. It is simple, flexible and forgiving. Natural sunlight reveals the color and texture of everything it touches. In the hands of the lighting designer, landscape lighting allows selective control over the appearance and mood of a landscape setting. Effective lighting can illuminate the best elements of a landscape, leaving what should be concealed in the shadows.

The practical benefits of lighting include:

  • Safety – Lights on steps, walks and driveways create safer and more comfortable passage
  • Security – Lighting dim areas without using flood lights that create shadows.
  • Aesthetics – Show off the beauty of the home and garden after dark. Extend the view of the landscape.
  • Investment – Grounds that are dramatically lit look more luxurious increasing the livability, marketablility, and value of the property.
  • Low Voltage – Safe and easy to move with ever changing landscapes.