Trees, Shrubs & Perennials

Seeking to add value and enjoyment to your home, we create landscapes that can be low maintenance while providing variety and beauty at the same time. When we create a landscape design, we select plant material suited for the locations growing conditions as well as flow, texture and color to insure a landscape that will mature beautifully.


Offering many benefits to your landscape, trees can provide not only beauty but practicality as well. Implementing the use of shade and ornamental trees within a landscape design can lower utility expenses during the growing season. Additionally, they lose their foliage in late fall, allowing the winter sun to warm your home or business.

Shade trees, such as Maples, Oaks and Ash, come in wide varieties of shapes and sizes. Ornamental trees, such as Crabapples, River Birches and Redbuds, can be used as focal points of your landscape to add interest with their flowers, color, or unique bark texture. Conifers, such as Junipers, Cedars and Pine trees, can provide evergreen screening from undesirable views and help protect your property from cold winter conditions.


Shrubs can provide nearly endless diversity when planning your landscape. With the wide selection of available shrubs, it is important to narrow the selection by considering sun and shade exposure as well as wet and dry areas. Evergreen shrubs, either broadleaf or conifer, are incorporated into designs to anchor foundation plantings. Flowering shrubs are an important part of any landscape. Whether the flowering season is early in spring or middle of summer, utilizing the flowering season will ensure consistent color in your landscape. With more unique selections, shrubs can be utilized as a focal point.


Perennials provide consistent color year after year. Endless selections in perennials will grow in a wide variety of conditions. Sun vs. shade, wet vs. dry. When planting perennials, it is important to consider the flowering timing and length of the flowering period. Perennials require low maintenance and will complement other flowering shrubs to make your landscape colorful throughout the year.